Press Release

ICT Standards and Frameworks

  • Mar 15, 2019
  • MDA

Infocomm standards in Singapore are developed on a consensus basis and are the results of the collaborative efforts amongst the government agencies, tertiary institutions, professional bodies and the infocomm industry. The IMDA Standards Team plays a key role in fostering and facilitating the industry's participation in local and international ICT standards forums. It is the Secretariat to the IT Standards Committee (ITSC), one of the 11 Standards Committee under the National Standards Council appointed by SPRING Singapore.

ITSC provides a neutral and open platform for interested industry and government parties to come together to agree on technical standards. The ITSC Council comprises a Council with representatives from associations, academia, research institutes and government agencies such as ASME, DSTA, ISS, I2R, SCS, SiTF, ITMA, NUS, NTU, RP, SMU, SP, SPRING Singapore and IMDA, which charts the directions and policies.

In addition, the appointed Technical Committees and Working Groups comprising technical experts from the industry, academia and research institutes, develop and promote national infocomm standards, and participate in international infocomm standardisation activities. These standardisation activities are carried out by volunteers.