Press Release

Labour Force in Singapore Advance Release 2019

  • Nov 28, 2019
  • MOM

Employment growth data reported in Labour Market Report Second Quarter 2019, Manpower Research and Statistics Department, MOM

Data in the report are based on the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey conducted in mid-2019. The data pertain to the resident population, comprising Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

Including employer CPF contributions.

The unemployment and long-term unemployment rate for PMETs and non-PMETs are not seasonally adjusted because they pertain specifically to June periods, and comparisons over time is not affected by seasonality. Therefore, they should be compared with the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at the top line, rather than the seasonally adjusted rate.

This includes information & communications, financial & insurance services and professional services.

Preliminary as the full year Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for 2019 is not available yet.