COMET expands LNG Advisory Committee

  • Aug 20, 2019
  • PR Newswire

CHICAGO and SINGAPORE, Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, TruMarx Data Partners, Inc., developers of the COMET energy marketplace, announces the appointment of W.K. Chan, formerly of Platts, and Sam Farooki, an oil and gas industry veteran, to its LNG Advisory Committee. The appointments underscore TruMarx's commitment to providing the most valuable and robust LNG trading solution to the industry in consultation with LNG industry leaders.

TruMarx's Chief Executive Officer Jon Olson commented "Over the past 10 years, COMET has worked closely with our Advisory Committee to provide the most reliable market trading solutions for natural gas and another 15 asset classes. However, LNG trading has its own complexities and reporting requirements, therefore it made sense for us to develop a stand alone LNG Advisory Committee. COMET's LNG Advisory Board has been instrumental in shaping and developing our LNG product. The addition of WK and Sam will only add broader insight to our work and exceptional value to the LNG community."

W.K. Chan commented, "I look forward to providing counsel to continue to shape COMET as a powerful tool for today's complex LNG trading environment."

Sam Farooki added, " After over 30 years in the industry, I understand the drive for enhanced internal transparency and controls in today's compliance focused environment. COMET provides a simple solution with an excellent audit trail for complex LNG trades."

COMET's LNG Advisory Committee is comprised of Matthew Arnold, Consultant and former Head of LNG trading at ExxonMobil, RasGas and EDF; Shasha Fesheraki, Managing Director of FGE; Robert Stibolt, LNG Alliance; David Thomas, Director of Nwyda Limited and former Head of LNG trading at BP and Vitol; and Ruchdi Maaloof, Head of Oil and Gas, De Gaulle Fleurance and Associates.

COMET supports unlimited, real-time confidential collaboration around any transaction, and provides custom integration between third-party systems to create straight-through processing across the transaction life-cycle. COMET standardizes processes around non-standard transactions.

Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Houston, Connecticut, Florida, London and Singapore, TruMarx Data Partners, Inc. is an experienced team of energy professionals with an established track record in delivering powerful technology solutions, including COMET, for today's energy market challenges.

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