How is CNNS (CoinNess) Poised to Survive the Crypto Winter

  • Jan 11, 2019
  • Business Wire

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The festive air of the new year has failed to make the sluggish crypto market turn the corner. As the prolonged crypto winter drags on, scores of blockchain companies have started to bear the brunt of the slipping crypto prices: massive layoffs, truncated operations, and even bankruptcies. Many investors and blockchain professionals are on the brink of leaving the industry.

While the bearish narrative continues to dampen the outlook in the crypto world, there is a bright spot among the wreckage: CoinNess. The largest blockchain and crypto investment information provider in Asia, CoinNess, has recently airdropped its CNNS token inside its Telegram community. Within just two weeks, 150,000 users participated in the CNNS airdrop. The successful event gained support from exchanges and blockchain projects. Social media has also put a spotlight on the popular airdrop encouraging communication between the major players in the industry.

The CNNS token is the medium of value exchange and communication within the CoinNess ecosystem. In one year, CoinNess, with its 3 million users, has developed into a one-stop portal which is supported by over 600 project issuers, exchanges, and other blockchain firms. Also worth noting, CoinNess has continuously been frequented by 180,000 daily active users (DAU) across the world. Even amid the crypto bear market, active users have continued to use the CoinNess app. Backed by a trusted track record, blockchain projects continue to trust CoinNess to launch airdrop and distribute other benefits.

Peter Tan, the CEO and founder of CoinNess, understands the formula to achieving success in the crypto world. He says, “The need of crypto investors was, is, and will always be the first priority for us. The CoinNess mission and dedication to excellence secures trust from our users and partners. Without their dedication and support, CNNS would not be the success it is today.”

As the token of a platform created to service crypto investors, CNNS naturally attracts many crypto investors from around the world. However, the crypto bear market has cultivated discerning investors inside and outside the industry. For this reason, it is still early to hail success for the CNNS token. Nonetheless, with its solid user base and market influence, CNNS is poised to survive the difficult times and flourish when the bull market returns.