Best’s Insurance Law Podcast Discusses How to Avoid Excessive Verdicts

  • Mar 26, 2020
  • Business Wire

OLDWICK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AM Best and Best’s Insurance Professional Resources have released the latest installment of Best’s Insurance Law Podcast, a series that examines timely claims and insurance issues from a legal perspective.

This episode discusses the driving force behind the increase in the number and size of nuclear verdicts (a jury award in which the penalty exceeds $10 million) and what insurance companies and their insureds can do to prevent or limit them. It features Dr. Bill Kanasky and Dr. George Speckart from the litigation support company, Courtroom Sciences, Inc. Dr. Kanasky, senior vice president of Litigation Psychology, consults in areas including: defendant witness training, jury decision-making research, and jury selection strategy. Dr. Speckart, director of research, oversees the design and implementation of psychological research for corporate clients facing litigation.

Courtroom Sciences Inc. is a qualified member of Best's Insurance Professional Resources, a claims industry resource that has featured qualified legal counsel, independent insurance adjusting services and expert service providers since 1929.

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